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We are excited to announce that we have completed the Request for Proposal (RFP). We have reviewed the proposals and are in the process of awarding and negotiating the contract with the winner.

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RidePilot Project


The purpose of this project is to implement a Computer Aided Scheduling and Dispatch (CASD) software system to meet the needs of small scale human service transportation agencies.  RidePilot; an open source, web-based scheduling, reporting, and dispatch application initially developed by Ride Connection in Portland Oregon, was identified to fill this need.

Within the human service providers industry, transportation remains one of the biggest obstacles due to costs or logistical resources. Incidentally transportation is recognized as a key factor to improving ones quality of life when access to services is available. 

Phase 1 of RidePilot development

Utah Transit Authority (UTA) has participated in a joint software development project to build upon RidePilot’s current functionality and expand it to meet the needs of human service agencies in the Wasatch Front region.   These enhancements include the ability to track driver’s credentials, vehicle maintenance compliances, scheduling and tracking of daily trips, and a host of other details for accountability reporting.

Phase 2 of RidePilot development

UTA is currently in the process of writing additional new requirements for phase 2. Real-Time scheduling engine and route optimization, dynamic scheduling, as well as intuitive end user functionality are among the top priorities. These enhancement should be introduced beginning second quarter 2017.

Phase 3 of RidePilot development

During the course of this exercise it has become apparent that there are a wide range of enhancements that would and could be very helpful to any number of transportation providers, and requires a long range plan. Future enchantments could include: Trip sharing, Complex Billing and Cost Allocations, Mobile phone/tablet app including Pre-trip inspection, Manifests, Driver messaging and AVL.

UTA is determined, to help steer the course to gain the best value and outcome for the investments provided and is seeking others willing to collaborate within a partnership to; create a complete roadmap of next steps, leverage funding, define scope of work, test and implement future enhancements in conjunction with the RFP process that is outlined in the federal requirements.  The roadmap could then be leveraged to gain support for future partnerships that enable a good solid foundation for the small service providers by identifying other prospective best practices.

RidePilot Screen Shots

Below are links to screen shots of different tabs within RidePilot Phase 1.

  • Trips-Runs - This tab shows the various runs scheduled for the day and the trips scheduled on those runs. It shows them in two different ways.
  • Drivers - This tab shows the driver information including, Driver Details, Documentation, History Events, and Compliance Events.
  • Vehicles - This tab shows all the vehicle information including, Details, Documentation, Maintenance Events, Preventative Preventative Preventative Preventative Preventative Maintenance Logs, and Vehicle and Equipment Warranties.
  • Runs - This tab shows a weeks scheduled runs, vehicles and drivers assigned to those runs, and their names.
  • Trips - This tab shows a weeks scheduled trips, customer information, appointment times, and the result of those trips.


How do I add a user into RidePilot? Adding Users and Drivers. This can be used to add a driver to the system as well.

How do I create a trip and/or run? Trip and Run Creation and Completion

How do I add a vehicle? Adding a vehicle

How do I add a customer? Adding a customer

How do I add a customer address? Adding a customer address

Any additional questions please email: Coordinated Mobility

Information Request

For more information in becoming a partner with UTA on the RidePilot project please contact our group at:

Email: Coordinated Mobility
Phone: (801) 287-5333